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Nail Enhancement

Acrylic Nail  
Provides length, acrylic overlay, shape and polish  
New Set $28 
Fill  $18 
Pink & White/ Color Solar Nails  
White acrylic at the nail tips, pink acrylic at the nail beds to create a natural-looking "French Manicure" or mix of salar colors, flitters. Strong, sturdy, non-yellowing. Includes gel top. 
New Set $50 
Fill Pink & White  $38 
Fill Pink  $25 
Gel Powder  
Non-brittle, gloss finish, strong add durable   
New Set $35 
Fill  $23 
Gel Polish  
The hybrid polish goes on like nail lacquer and cured under a LED lamp to dry instantly. Last between 2-3 weeks without chipping Soak off in minutes. Provides strength to natural nails and help them grow
Gel Polish with any Manicure $15
Gel Polish with any Pedicure $20
Shape, Buff and Gel Polish on Hand $20
Shape, Buff and Gel Polish on Toe $25
Gel Soak Off or French $5
Dipping Powder  
Stronger than gel polish, lightweight and Last between 2-4 weeks. Dip on natural nails or tips (If needed) with organic colored powder after proper preparation, minimum drilling, no chipping. Shiny  gel dries instantly.
New set with tip $40
without tip $35
Pink & White $45
All with Same Color $25

Manicure Services

Signature Manicure $15
Your nail care consists of nail trimming, cuticle removal, shape, buff and hands massaged. Indudes a hot steamed towel and nail polish.
Deluxe Manicure $20
In addition to the Basic manicure like cuticle cleaning, shape, buff. We will dip your hand in the warm paraffin leave your skin softened and moisturizing.
Luxury Manicure $25 
Great treatment for your dry and rough cuticle. Includes everything In Deluxe manicure, you can choose from 4 different kinds of aroma sugar scrub.
Cucumber - Green Tea - Citrus - Jasmine
Royal Manicure $130 
Our best manicure give you extremely relaxing. Includes everything in Luxury manicure, a masque wrap, a hot oil treatment and avocado lotion massage leave your skin more radiant.

Pedicure Services

Signature Pedicure $25
Relax in tranquil foot sanitizing tablet. Basic nails and cuticle grooming, salt scrubs, legs and feet are massaged, hot towel wrap and polish of your choice.
Deluxe Pedicure  $30 
It a signature pedicure then heels and calluses are smoothed by using a callus remover gel. Exfoliating sugar scrub, followed by mint cooling mud treatment. Leave your skin feeling tingly and refreshing.
Luxury Pedicure $35 
Aromatic foot soak of your choice with citrus or herb fragrant. After the basic nail and cuticle grooming, your legs and feet are exfoliated with sugar scrub, a mud treatment, hot towel wrap a aromatherapy massage follows leave your skin softened and moisturizing.
Royal Pedicure $45
The ultimate relaxtion pedicure with aromatic foot soak of your choice fragrant. Includes basic pedicure grooming, smoothing callus and heels. Enjoy a sugar scrub exfoliation scents of your choice on the legs and foot, mud treatment, hot towel wrap. Lastly, relax with a paraffin dip to help relieve pain and stiffness leave your skin more radiant.

Kid Services

(For children under 10)
Manicure $10 
Pedicure  $18 
Mani + Pedi  $25 
Polish (Hand/ Feet)  $5/$7 

Waxing Services

Eyebrows $10 
Lip/ Chin  $6 
Brows + Lip + Chin  $20 
Full Face  $35 
Underarms  $20 
Elbow to Wrist  $25 
Chest  $30 
Back  $40 
Half Leg  $$0 
Full Leg  $60 

Extra Services

Take Off Acrylic Nails $10 
Take Off with New Set  $5 
Take Off with Manicure  $25 
Nail Repair (each)  $3 
Nail Repair Solar (each)  $5 
French/ American/ Color Tip  $5 
Nail Art Design (2 nails or 2 toes) $5 
Paraffin Wax (hand/ Feet)  $5/$10 
Buff/ Polish Color (hand/feet) $8/$10 
Buff/ Polish French (hand/ feet)  $10/$12 
Extra Long/ Custom Shape  $5