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Hospital grade disinfectants are used to ensure against the transmission of nail fungi & other bacteria, thus assure our clients of having a clean and safe experience. We build our reputation and image on meeting our client’s need first.


Traditional Salon

Our expertly trained team is committed to provide impeccable services, with the best natural products.

Destination Salon

Our goal is to provide treatments that bring you back into balance, using a nurturing high touch.

Pampering Salon

It is a genuine pleasure to introduce you to a different approach to wellness and beauty.

Ayurvedic Spa

We base this and every accomplishment on our sincere desire make every client’s experience.

Nails Beauty Tips

Nails Care

Avoid Chipping

Clean Extra Polish Off Cuticles

Apply Top Coat

Manicure Care

No Bubbles In Your Nail Polish

Apply Basecoat

Apply Nail Polish In Thin Layers


Repurposed Plastic Spoon

Blush For Your Face Type

Scotch Tape Eye Stencil